Book review : Jess under pressure by E Graziani..

Hey guys we just finished reading this amazing short book

E. GRAZIANI @e.graziani

The story revolves around Dr Jessica Britton a sociologist and psychologist but also a recognisable author of the very famous best selling motivational book GIVE MORE, DO MORE, BE BETTER

Jess whose a loving mum of two daughters ,successful wife, perfect media Idol and people’s inspiration living a great life. But one-day a terrible incident changes everything . Her pain not only trembles her perfect public life but also crumbles the sweetness of her personal life too… Its a must read what happens after that which positively changes her and gives a vivid prospective solution to fix her messed up life
@e.graziani is a wonderful author and has beautifully expressed all emotions and the way she mentioned the quotation of JESS book in each Chapters is very inspiring and remarkable.
One of my favourite quote is ” you never know how resourceful you are until you are faced with no other choice but to fight for yours and your loved ones future”

I highly recommend book to every age and gender especially girls
The incidents, emotions dilemas,pressure ,expectation and problems of Jess are very much relatable.
This book carries a beautiful message that we are not the only one who are going through depression and hardships in life and its ok to break down and ask for help to make ourself powerful again.We need our family and friends to help us as they are our biggest strength and our only way of healing..

We don’t need to act as WONDER WOMAN all time bcoz its Ok to look for peace and love as we all humans.. I srsly love this 📖 book💖💖 Don’t forget to check her other books and works.Must check the link in the bio and get yourself a copy too of this wonderful book 💖😊

It’s a beautifully elaborated short inspiring book which will change your views over life


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