Time ⌛

🌸 Sometimes it’s okay to be alone, away from all chaos.. ⁣

You don’t need to give explanations to people about your every motive…⁣

Sometimes it’s MUST to mute 🔇📳 the phone 📱 buzzings, instant notifications 🔔 and calls 📞..⁣

Sitting near 🍃, holding coffee mug ☕and enjoying soothing evening breeze ☁.⁣
That’s all we need sometimes more than this electronic 📲📞📠chaos .⁣ ⁣
When we go on a stupor ,⁣
on a mental peace we explore lots of pretty amazing things💕 within ourselves and environment.⁣



It’s okay to spend time alone to restart everything. ⁣
If you are a free bird 🐦🐤then definitely you will hate all the boundaries and cages. ⁣
Same with heart it also needs rest from all type daily rushes⏳⌛ in attachments and relationships💖 …⁣
Mind also needs peace to recharged again ⏰… ⁣

Enjoying your own Company🙌 is the only remedy 💊 you need sometimes so you can again stand up on your feet 🌸


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