Review : The Blue Moon Day

I have finally finished reading ‘The Blue Moon Day’ by @santhoshsivaraj . It took me a lot of time to finish it because I was quite much of a busy guy these days. The longer time has made me read the book more deeply and I felt most parts of it.
Lemme tell about the book. It had six chapters containing five stories of different people having something common. They all were lost in one way or another. They weren’t living life but they were just surviving it. All of them met a stranger who changed their life completely by not actually doing anything but showing them the way to live a life to its fullest.
My most liked stories from the book in decreasing order.

-Not Today
-The Messenger
-The StoryTeller
-The Pizza Enginner
-The Heaven.

I will recommend the book to all those who love character development stories. People who like the stories about what happened after the happy ending, those who wonder if They really lived happily ever after? All of them must try this book.
I won’t give any stars as I don’t believe in numeric measurement of art.

Amazing book with beautiful short chapters ..


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