Review : The Code of Manavas / A must read for all sci-fi lovers 🌟

💭💭 REVIEW 💭💭 ⁣


Author: @author_arpit ⁣

Genre : Sci-fi / Mythology ⁣

The story starts with the time of SWARNIM YUGA which is the modern era.⁣
Here the MANAVAS are immortals and most intelligent species..⁣
The story revolves around KRISHNA, portrayed as scientist ⁣
(There’s no doubt that character is inspired from Indian mythology) ⁣
Krishna is constantly doing researches to transfer the MANAVAS to another planet as he’s afraid of the upcoming tragedies…⁣

Now the questions are!!? ⁣

📜What are those tragedies ⁣
📜Does Krishna succeeds?? ⁣
📜OR something else happens!?? ⁣

The book has lots of twists and turns and written in a good way. Perfectly blended with both mythology and science. ⁣

But it also carries some UNAVOIDABLE FLAWS😧⁣

❌Language – it’s quite tricky and many people won’t able to relate with the plot as it could go above their head ⁣

❌Slow start – as it’s a sci-fi so many people who rarely read this genre wont easily engage with it ..⁣

But it’s still quite interesting, the plot, end and charaterizaton is appreciable..💖⁣

I would recommend this book to all sci fi lovers… ⁣

My ratings ⁣
4 /5⁣ 🌟 ⁣

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