Such is Her Life : An amazing piece of musings

💭💭REVIEW💭💭 ⁣

So recently I just completed this amazing short poem book ⁣

SUCH IS HER LIFE 💖⁣ of @reecha.agarwal⁣

It consists various beautifully written short poems based on the life of Indian Women 💖⁣

Author has wisely picked up all deep topics to pen down her emotions..⁣
She succeeds as her words directly strike our hearts and make us think of all the current situations we are dealing as a girl OR woman and most of em needs a change… ⁣

While I was reading I went through a rollercoaster 🎢 of various emotions ..⁣

One moment I was happy 💖then next I was in rage thinking why we girls have to suffer alot just coz some stupid people have made some shitty and reckless norms for us…⁣

This book made me cry too for a moment … ⁣
It’s very gorgeous book 📖 ⁣
Encouraging Women Empowerment ⁣

I must recommend this book to all especially girls..👸👑 ⁣



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