5 solid reasons to prove that Why Reading is the best 📚 hobby?

So today’s I’m sharing my 5 solid and best reason to prove that why reading is the best hobby 📚

Why reading is the best hobby!!?

We all have various hobbies but readings books is one of the best hobby to have…

So now I have a question for you guys!!

Why you need a hobby!!?

In simple words Hobby is doing something which gives us the feeling of euphoria and distracts us from our chaotic life and stress ..

People have various hobbies like dancing , singing ,painting and blogging etc..

But why reading is the best hobby to have? !!

Here are my 5 Solid reasons

📚 Stressbuster :

Many studies prove that reading is a best stressubuster. When you are reading a book you focus on it which makes your mind distracts from your current situation either of stress or any type of chaos.. It relaxes your mind and many people find it a best stressbuster ..

📚 A good Distraction :

As I mentioned above reading can distracts you easily then any other thing . I know we all wanna choose NETFLIX AND CHILL when it comes to distraction but you all must give Reading a try because once you are engaged in it you will find it fun.

📚 Easy to pick :

It’s easy to pick a book than doing any other activities ..Im not saying quit all your other hobbies but when you just feel a lil bit sloppy and want to refresh your mood it would be an awesome idea TO PICK UP A BOOK 📖

Vocabulary :

Are you looking forward to improve your vocabulary???

Well then books will make your work super easy .. You learn new words fast when you are an avid reader.. It’s been noticed that a person who constantly reads absorbs more words and his chances of grammar errors get reduced than that person who rarely reads..

So grab your book today!! And enhance your language and vocab

📚 Knowledge booster :

We all are familiar with this term that books enhances our knowledge and skills.. I’m Pretty sure we all listening these lines from our old folks and they aren’t wrong.. Not even 1 percent..


📚 Here are my 5 solid reasons 📚

💙Bonus 💙

If you wanna be an author then keep reading books because if you won’t then it won’t be easy to improve your narrations and plots and of course you wont able to guess the taste of your current readers.


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