Death and Dishonour : A terrific Crime Thriller

💭💭Review 💭💭⁣

Title : Death and Dishonor -1 🔪 ⁣

Genre : Crime-thriller/suspense ⁣

Author- @legend_of_abhimanyu and @tnmybsk_the_author ⁣

This book revolves around ARJUN RATHORE who is a cop but left his duties after getting devasted from his wife Shikha’s death… ⁣
Now he’s a shabby drunkard who doesn’t wanna live anymore… ⁣

But then someone murders his bff Aditi which fills him with rage and he decides for revenge at any cost… ⁣
In his journey he faces many ugly truths of various people even of his own loved ones which disgusts him.. ⁣

I have just one word to describe this book – TERRIFIC !!! 🌟 ⁣

Its amazingly written, characterization is perfect.. and detailng is flawless 💖.. ⁣
Even if you try to question it you can’t because authors leave no chance for you..⁣

It’s full of twists and turns and make you shook till the last page.. ⁣
The ending make you desperate for the next part.. ⁣

It carries every emotion love, hate, betrayal, friendship, trust, disgust and revenge etc.. which will make you engage with every page.. ⁣

I would like to recommend this to all… ⁣

I really enjoyed it and it’s my favorite now … ⁣

My ratings – 4.8 /5 🌟

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