🌸 Dark Blossom🌸 : An amazing book deals with the complexities of relationships and human nature

💭💭 REVIEW 💭💭 @boocklish

Title : DARK BLOSSOM 🌸 ⁣

Author : @neelmullick ⁣

Publication : @rupa_publications ⁣

The story starts with Sam who is suffering from the loss of her wife Marisa and son William and goes to Cynthia for seeking help ..⁣

Cynthia is a therapist but also dealing with her painful divorce and complicated relationship with her daughter Lily.. ⁣

As the story continues Cynthia finds that both of them ( she and Sam ) are in same boat but rowing in opposite directions ..⁣

But as time passes she finds many confronting secrets of her loved ones which puts her in dilemma.. ⁣
Sam also tries to figure out his answers which causes him various changes.. ⁣

At the end Cynthia finds herself completely dumbstruck as she unravels all the screts and questions .. ⁣

I really loved this book.. ⁣
It’s all bout the complexities of relationships and human nature that how smiling facades could carry many shakening dark secrets.. ⁣

The plot is quite intriguing and engaging.. ⁣
Writing style is even good.. ⁣

I really enjoy reading these type of book which deals with dark realities of human nature.. ⁣

I would like to recommend this to all💕it’s really good to read and ⁣
I’m also fascinated by its beautiful cover 🌸 ..⁣

My ratings -⁣
4.4 /5 🌟 ⁣


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