The Conquest of the East : A quite interesting book

💭💭REVIEW 💭💭⁣
@boocklish ⁣


Author : @dr.durgadoss ⁣

Genre : Historical fiction ⁣

The story starts with the time THE CHOLA KINGDOM .. ⁣
Raja Raja Chola’s grandfather defeated the pandya king still he managed to escape with the prestigious royal crown, the mythical aaram and precious garland of pearls…⁣

The main character of the story is Surya who has been blessed with some special powers . He joins the Chola Army and then his adventures begin ..⁣
⁣ 📃📃Questions📃📃 ⁣

🔷 Who is Surya ?? ⁣

🔷 What are his special powers?? ⁣

🔷 Will Surya be able to find the lost crown and save the dignity of the CHOLA KINGDOM?? ⁣
OR… ⁣
Something else will happen???! ⁣

The plot is quite interesting and language is easy.. ⁣
It carries many twists and turns…⁣
Starting is good but the middle is quite boring yet ending is nice… ⁣

It carries some flaws too.. 😧⁣

❌First – Dialogues – they aren’t much catchy and good… ⁣

❌Second – The middle – it’s might can bore you if you don’t like to read historical contents.. ⁣

I liked this book 📖 and recommend it to everyone who enjoys reading historical stuff or looking forward to read new.. ⁣

My ratings – 4/5 🌟 ⁣


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