Volcanic Moments : Heart ♥ popping tales

💭💭R- E- V- I- E-W⁣⁣💭💭


Hello bookish 📚 people so today I’m posting the review of VOLCANIC MOMENTS..

It’s a Short book containing a collection of various stories ..
I read them all in 2 sittings and I loved it.

Seriously, the stories have everything you need for a break. ⁣⁣
They cover various social topics like cheating husbands, murders, revenge, psychopaths, and they all seem familiar.

The stories are like short films which have a suspense in the end. Nearly all of them.
All stories have the clue in the last line.

Some of the stories I reread just to confirm what I witnessed because they had many shocking suspense.

⁣Stories about teenage marriage, dowry, Divorce, Rapes, Suicide and many issues which we hear about almost everyday. ⁣
I just want more of it. The stories were pretty much relatable and quite intriguing .

I will recommend this book to everyone (not everyone actually).

But Everyone who likes to read something else than love stories , they should definitely give it a try.
The book is totally worth it. And I will say that It’s the best review copy I have got yet. It kept me attached till the end. ⁣..

My ratings –
4.8 / 5 🌟

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