Death 🔪 Of Dreams 💕 : A really nice poem book

💭💭Review 💭💭⁣

Title : Death of Dreams ⁣
Author : @writershruti⁣

It’s a short book 📖 containing lovely poems based on various emotions.⁣

The poems are nice and some of them are really hearttouching ♥ and beautiful… ⁣
Author did some good efforts to express her feelings through her selected words 💖..⁣

It carries some flaws too – ⁣
⁣ ✒ First – Grammatical errors -⁣ which are unavoidable as a reader .⁣

✒ Second – Language – ⁣
it’s easy but coz of the first flaw you may find yourself re reading it again making you bit pissed. ⁣

But It’s still a nice book 📖 ⁣
I really appreciate author’s efforts.. ⁣
She has a potential to write good but require more experience to enhance her work.⁣

I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys reading poems and exploring new content to read… ⁣

I liked this book 💖 but found myself bit dissapointed coz of the grammar usage and errors .⁣

My ratings – ⁣

3.7/5 🌟

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