💭💭 Review 💭💭 : Once Upon an Exam 📝

💭💭 R E V I E W 💭💭⁣

Title : Once Upon An IAS exam ⁣

Author : @kvijayakarthikeyan⁣

Genre : Fiction⁣

Hello readers I was in a little doubt when I was asked to review it. The title was ‘Once Upon An IAS Exam’. It seemed like me (being a painter) wouldn’t be able to relate to this. But After reading I could relate to every else thing in the book except the The IAS exam thing ..⁣
So here’s the review.. ⁣

Vishy fails to clear the exam on his first attempt which is a quite common thing for almost everyone. But he decides to try ⁣
harder this time by joining a coaching for some guidance. ⁣

This book also shows the reality of coaching institutions growing like weeds all over the cities.⁣
Treating students like herd of sheeps and all the efforts are made by the students and then claiming it was all possible because of them.⁣

There is a girl Ritika. She likes him a lot and want to be with him, but he on the other hand ignores her like he does to everything except the preparation. ⁣

As life goes on , they come close. Vishy also starts to realize her affection and care. But he has to pursue his goals which are more important to him.⁣

Will the two lovers meet? ⁣
What’s in their destiny?⁣
Will Vishy qualify his dream exam .⁣
(biggest question)⁣

It has some flaws too.. ⁣
➡ Unnecessarily lengthy ⁣
➡ Characterization could be better ⁣

Well I recommend this book to all, it’s good one to read.. ⁣

My ratings – 3.6 🌟 /5⁣

P. S Thank u so much for sending review copy 💕@half_baked_bean


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