Review : “KaalKoot ” A marvellous book full of mysteries and thrill!!

💭💭 Review 💭💭⁣
@boocklish ⁣

Name – KAALKOOT 🗻 ⁣

Author – @authorsvenkatesh⁣

Genre – Thriller / Suspense.. ⁣

” Kaalkoot” is the deadliest poison which can eradicate the whole human population ⁣
And there’s someone evil who wanna conquer the world with it… ⁣

Only few people has some clues about the secrets of it. ⁣
And about that “mighty” man who went into hiding the HIMALAYAS .. 🗻⁣
This mighty man also took the answers of many unsolved mysteries with him which are quite fascinating and shocking.. ⁣


🗻 Who is this man!! and what are those answers !?? ⁣

🗻 Will they able to save the world from the kaalkoot or also end up being the part of this tragedy !!?⁣

The story has many characters and they play crucial roles as the story goes on!! ⁣

The plot is full of mysteries, conspiracies, thrill , excitement, bravery and amazement which will definitely make u stick up with it till the end.. ⁣
Characterization is nice, Language is lucid and Narration is intriguing… ⁣

I highly recommend this book to everyone because it’s a must read guys!!! I ⁣
I really enjoyed this book and I’m sure you guys will too. ⁣

My ratings – 4.5 🌟 / 5⁣

P. S I really love the character of Damini !! She is a badass!!⁣

Thank u so much @nancyrai67 for sending the review copy 💞

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