💭💭 Review 💭💭 Innocent Wings : A beautiful book about dyslexia and Parenting

💭💭 Review 💭💭⁣

Title : Innocent Wings ⁣

Author : @modashilpi ⁣

Publisher: @kalamosservices ⁣

” Children’s suffering from Dyslexia are Fighters ” ⁣

Innocent Wings is a beautiful book about Dyslexic children.⁣
The story starts from Little Rudra who is a sweet child but his mother is worried about his activities and behavior..⁣
When she find about his dyslexia she becomes frightened but then they decide to help him in fighting Dyslexia !! ⁣

This book also tagets those branded schools who keep promoting their names and busy in show off by ignoring the Eductaion Quality and Norms.⁣
They also humiliate these children and their parents ..⁣

It talks about Parenting that how parents are supposed to treat their children nicely rather than suppressing them to stand on their own expectations and society … ⁣

I will definitely recommend this book to everyone because it targets a crucial topic from which everyone should be aware… ⁣

My ratings -4.6🌟 / 5⁣

The best thing about this book is Language it’s easy and understandable ⁣

Thank u so much @storyteller_md_ak⁣
For sending the book 💕💕

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