Books 📚 : A poem by ME

It’s a poem about my love for the books 📚 💖..

📚 Books 📚

I took my favourite book ⁣
And sat in the shades ⁣
I turn the pages ⁣
And all the pain fades ⁣
The more I read ⁣
The more I escape ⁣
From depression and self hate!! ⁣
From boring classes and poor grades.. ⁣

Today I’m a magician!! ⁣
Yesterday I was a Saint ⁣
Tomorrow I’ll be a Wanderer ⁣
Or an Artist who beautifully paints!! ⁣
I live my favourite life ⁣
Though these inked pages ⁣
They inspire me to break the cages!! ⁣
Books are my treasures!! ⁣
My forever true pleasures !!!

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