What you should crave for while reading Books 📚 : 5 best snacks to have while reading!!

We love craving something while reading our favourite books …

Of course reading books is like experiencing a movie and

Movies are incomplete without proper snacks. Same with books

So today I’m gonna tell

Which are the 5 Best and Healthy snacks to crave !!. And Why!!


So What’s you gonna chose!?

A Big bag of Cheetos or Bowl full of fruits!!

Ofcourse I’ll chose A Big of cheetos!! Just kidding guys!! Eating Cheetos is great while laying on sofa and binging over GOT!! but when it comes to reading a a bowl full of berries or avocados is always great option ..

Fresh Fruits always provide us energy and improves our health!!

So why not craving for them!??

Beverages !!

Tea or Coffee!! Both are best to take and healthy!!

Tea (Green tea ) contains various anti oxidants which are beneficial for our health while Coffee has caffeine a stimulant which boosts and actives our mind making us feel more energetic.

That’s why both are best to sip while reading


We all love Popcorns!!

It’s the best snack , light, crispy and healthy!! It doesn’t contains excessive oil plus it won’t increase fat too..

So next time while reading you should grab some Popcorns and enjoy the ride of fictional world !!

Granola Bars and Chocolates

So Granola Bars = tasty energy bars!! Well most of us love having bites of them!! And they can be homemade too, so

why not mixing some of our favourite nuts and fruits in them???

We all crave for chocolates Even why shouldn’t we!!!??? They r full of good calories and caffeine providing us energy!! And of course they are tastyy!!

So why not Grabbing some granolas and chocolate bars!! Best snack I say!!

Cheese Crackers :

They are light, little salty and spicey and I love when cheese get burst in mouth .. They r oil free so no chance of weight gain!!


You guys also can crave Pastry and cookies or chips!! Sometimes !!

But overdozing them definitely gonna make your tummy full making you lazy to read!! So be aware!!.

These are my 5 best and healthy snacks to grab!! .

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