Review : Oxygen Manifesto ( A Battle For The Environment 🌍 )

💭💭 Review 💭💭⁣
@boocklish ⁣

Author : Atulya Mishra ⁣
Publication : @rupa_publications⁣

Oxygen Manifesto 🌍⁣
( A B A T T L E F O R E N V I R O N M E N T ) is a really good book..⁣

Story starts with Ravi who is an IAS officer posted in Manipur!! He met Thatha there who is determined to put all his efforts to save the replenishing natural resources..⁣
Meeting him inspires Ravi..⁣
He also encourags people to take various actions to save Earth and their local heritages.. ⁣
In this way Ravi tries to find solutions of problems!! and promote people to do same..⁣

Book is about saving the environment and how small steps taken by everyone can bring Big changes..⁣
It also talk about political parties , media and their propogandas ⁣

It has some flaws too 😟⁣

📝 Narration could be more interesting ⁣

📝 And Starting is slow ⁣

Despite that Plot is good, Language is easy and it perfectly explains all reasons that ⁣

🌍 Why you have to save Environment …⁣
It’s a duty more than a need 🌍 ⁣

I’ll recommend this book because everyone should be aware of all the tragedies Mother Earth goes through and take some small steps in saving it by minimalizing harmful activities..⁣

My ratings – 4.2 /5 🌟 ⁣

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