Why I’m so much obsessed with my cat 😺🐱

I have a cat named Mushi 🐱 ..

I can write a thesis about my Cat Here are some facts about her which Im sharing with you guys !! 💜⁣

🐱 I didn’t adopt Mushi as kitten, she was full grown mature cat who came randomly to my locality .. ⁣
After her few roamings on my roof she became quite friendly!! ⁣
🐱 We started feeding her, but like all wild cats she scratched ME many times whenever I tried to hold / play with her .. Now shes a full domestic Cat, neither bite nor scatch.. ⁣
You can say she’s good baby now 💜⁣
🐱 She is now extra friendly to all even to strangers. I low-key hate that when they start getting her full attention …⁣

🐱 She loves attention and never let ME use phone/read book by keep rubbing her head on their corners .. So I pat her head/ rub her belly!! ⁣
She loves belly rubbing ⁣

🐱Her favourite items beside 🍼 and 🐭 are – Chocolate 🍫 Cookies 🍪 , Curd, Bread 🍞 , Cheese crackers, Pastries 🍰.. ⁣

🐱 She has tantrums and most time gets mad fast!! ⁣
Cat tantrums 😂⁣

I love her alot 💜 ..⁣
Because she loves ME too 💖⁣
I’m glad that you all admire her too , she’s (low-key )the third admin @boocklish


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