What are your plans for this weekend 🎥🎬: 5 best reasons to watch THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR 🌟

I’m sure you all are having great plans for the weekend but this 16 May
THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR is releasing
starring Charles Melton and Yara Shahidi..

Here I’m gonna mention

My 5 best reasons to watch THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR!!


This movie is based on the NYC times best seller book under the same name
The Sun is also a Star!!
It is the most amazing YA book of all time written by Nicola Yoon.. I have read this book and the story is so much intriguing and beautiful..
You will relate with emotions, characters and plot!! So if you have read the book then it’s must to watch !! If you didn’t then still u should !!0


Charles is renown for his role of REGGIE MANTLE .. The hot and handsome Riverdale actor is perfectly portraying his character Daniel . Charles is half Korean and American and Daniel is Korean American ..
So this movie is must to watch for all Charles’s fans ..


Yara Started her acting at very young age and gain recognition for her starting role as oldest daughter Zoey Johanson on the sit comBlackish. She’s young aspiring actress and her features and personality fits well with Natasha ..
Another reason to watch it!!


Nicola Yoon’s debut novel was EVERYTHING EVERYTHING on which later a movie was also released. She is best seller author and her this book is fantastic..
So this movie is best for Nicola Yoon’s fans


After watching trailer we can see the amazing chemistry between Charles and Yara…
It is a beautiful romantic movie but I can promise it will make you cry too. .

So Why not going

For THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR this weekend with your bae??
It’s best to watch!!

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