💭💭Review 💭💭: Rewind And Play by Tarun Gautam

💭💭 R. E. V. I. E. W 💭💭

Author : @tarungautam4777
Publication: @treeshadebooks

Raghav is living an amazing life in America and continuously getting successful in his perfect job..

But one-day everything gets upside down and he lose his job..
When his old friend invites him for a small get together he decides to ignore it.

He was completely devastated but then later convinces himself to go. He meets his old college buddies and they share their college days memories which were lost somewhere IN time..

When he goes home after party he feels cheerful and decides to fix things in a postive way ..

” We become so lost in our hectic life that we leave many of our precious memories, friends and hobbies behind..
We should not forget the importance of friendship and the real purpose of life which is happiness ”

This book is short and really good. Most of the experiences are quite relatable and fun to read..
Language is easy too..

I’m glad that nowadays Indian authors are breaking the stereotype of writing romance novels and picking up New topics!!

I’ll recommend this book to all especially students you all will definitely enjoy it.

My ratings 4.4 🌟 / 5

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