Review : DAREDREAMERS: A start up of Superheroes by Kartik Sharma and Ravi ‘Nirmal’ Sharma

💭💭 R. E. V. I. E. W 💭💭⁣
@boocklish ⁣

Title : DAREDREAMERS : A startup of Superheroes⁣

Author:⁣ @sykartik and @ravie61

Genre : FICTION /Adventure ⁣

Publication : @rupa_publications⁣

Rasiq’s life is going great because of his job as an investment banker.⁣
But soon he realises He’s a misfit there as it fails to make him happy and satisfied ⁣

He quits and decides to pursue his new plans and dreams .⁣
After alot of struggle and devastation finally an idea struck him.. ⁣

He teams up with Nick , Halka, Vyom, Arjun and Natasha who are also dreamers like him..⁣
They make a rescue team to save people and name it DAREDREAMERS!! ⁣

Their bravery make them famous but also grabs the attention of their enemies who see them nothing but a big trouble…⁣

These enemies will do anything to end their reputation and life !!.⁣

There are lot of things for them to tackle including their envied enemies ⁣

Will Daredreamers defeat them ?? or fail to save themselves from the upcoming tragedies ?? ⁣

This is very interesting to read! ⁣

The book is well written, full of punchlines, humour, friendship ,teamwork, thrill , suspense and heroism!! ⁣

It is quite intriguing to read and language is easy .⁣
I really enjoyed reading it..⁣

I will definitely recommend this book, if you will it pick up it won’t dissapoint you and you will surely enjoy it… ⁣

My ratings – 4.7 🌟 /5

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