Review : Snakes In the Meadows By Ayaz Kohli

💭💭R. E. V. I. E. W 💭💭


Author : @ayazkohli


Publication : @rupa_publications

Snakes In The Meadows is a story of a small village named Pathri Aali. Aslam and Ashwar are two lovers dreaming of a happy life but things get upside down and then Aslam leaves Pathri Aali ..

Years pass and the terror of militancy (the Mujahideens)
rises.Women and children start suffering as most men already migrated to Saudi Arabia for good employment.

Things get worse day by day making everyone terrorised. Ashwar decides to call Aslam so they can save their village from these monstrous snakes!!

What’s in the fate of Pathri Aali people !?
This is crucial to read


About the reality of the people suffering in Kashmir..

People are being slaughtered. Women and Children are getting rapped and assaulted by Mujahideens who call themselves liberators but are barbaric hounds.
They are doing horrible sins calling it God’s will..

It also explains the negligence of Army and how people are being grinded in the tug of war b/w Mujahideens and Army …
How Mujahideens are brainwashing Youth in the name of jihad and azadi.

🐍 Snakes In The Meadows 🐍 brought tears to my eyes and shook me to the core..

It broke my heart realising that people are actually suffering from these miseries..

I will recommended this book to all.
It’s a MUSTTT!!!! READ as you all should be aware about this topic of Kashmir thoroughly..

My ratings 5 🌟 /5

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