💭💭R. E. V. I. E. W 💭💭: What Mina Did by Geeta Menon

💭💭 R.E.V.I.E.W💭💭




Publication: @rupa_publications

Mina is the protagonist of the story and a horrible murder turns her life upside down. She somehow manages to bring her life back on track and moves to US.

Then after few years she returns India and experiences the flashbacks of that traumatic accident.
She becomes distressed and fails to help her best friend Neelu which effects their friendship badly.

Mina returns US and tries to fix things b/w them but in return it becomes more complicated. She finds herself in pain by the situations, dilemmas and guilts she is facing ..

📃📃Questions 📃📃

📌 What are those guilts??
📌 Will she able to recover from her past ??
📌 Will everything be okay b/w them!?

This book is well written and explains that how one mistake or betrayal can complex or even end our precious relationships.
I found the starting a bit slow but overall it’s a good One to pick up.

“Reading it won’t be dissapointing “

My ratings : 4.5 🌟 /5


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