Four most renown authors belonging to LGBTQ+ community you must know !!!

Happy Pride Month everyone 🌈


Here are the four most renown authors belonging to LGBTQ+ community you must know …


She’s the most renown author and modernist in the history of the literature.
Her famous works include – Mrs Dalloway, The Lighthouse and The waves etc.
She was also an advocator of woman’s rights.
She was much into women considering herself a lesbian and had an intense affair with Vita Sackville West
Her creation – The Orlando (1928) is inspired from it.


Oscar Wilde is quite famous for his work ” THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GREY” .
He was homosexual and had a secret affair with Lord Alfred Douglas a young British poet and aristrocat, 16 years junior than him.
When Douglas’s father found it he decided to expose Wilde by charging him with criminal offenses as homosexuality was sin that period. He was taken in prison for that.
His creation ” The Picture of Dorian Grey and Poem Two Lovers had homoerotic themes”


Edward Morgan Forster was an English, novelist, essayist, and librettist.
Forster was gay and fall In love with Syed Ross Masood a 17 yr old future Oxford student he tutored.
His famous works are – The Longest Journey, Passage to India and A Room With a View etc.
He also had Long-term relationship with a married guy name Bob Buckingham


James was an American novelist, playwriter and activitist.
His famous work include – The Fire Next Time, No Name In the Street and The Devil found the work etc..

He was gay and his novel Giovanna’s room written before the gay liberation movement.


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