💭💭Review💭💭 : Mehboob Murderer ☕ 🔪

💭💭R. E. V. I. E W 💭💭

@boocklish ⁣

Title : Mehboob Murderer ⁣
Author : @_nupuranand⁣
Genre: Crime – thriller ⁣

“Once A man has seen society’s dark underbelly, He can never turn his back on it.”⁣
Rorschach in Watchmen by Alan Moore.⁣

It took me over a month to complete this book and It took me just two sittings to complete it. Weird? isn’t it? Actually I had my exams and I couldn’t pick up this book anytime during the month. But Finally they were over and the next day I finished it.⁣

Now about the book

It is a must read for those who like mature and realistic content. ⁣

The story is set up in Mumbai, A city which never sleeps. On one usual evening in Mumbai, 6 people are gunned down in a resturant called “Cafe Mehboob” by just one gun and one person. There is tension in the whole city and the murderer is so good at his job that (The police isn’t even sure if its a HE or SHE) leaves no clue behind. No fingerprints, no CCTV footage, No Footprints, no nothing. The protagonist Abbas, is a police officer who is assigned to solve the mystery within a given deadline. It’s full of suspense and thrill . ⁣

The author Nupur, has displayed the dark Underbelly of the society which we live in today. The City looks soothing from upside but if you go deep down inside you’ll meet people and know about things that you’ll even find it disturbing to sleep. The characters is the book are very much relatable to the real life victims of Poverty, Rape, Corruption, etc.

I enjoyed the book and felt very satisfied with the ending. ⁣

My ratings : 4.6 🌟 /5⁣

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