💭💭Review 💭💭 : Anatomy Of A Misfit by Andrea Portes

Title : Anatomy Of A Misfits

Author : Andrea Portes

Genre : Fiction

Anika Dragamoir is the funniest, snakiest and the third people girl at Poundhigh after Becky Vilhauer her best friends (but treats Anika like her minion more )
Under Anika’s lip gloss smile and chilling personality she’s a total freak surrounded by dark rebellious thoughts .

One-day When Logan shows up to school in his completely changed style Annika knows she can’t be flipped especially when Becky is there to chew her out for dating logan.
Anika can’t take risk but she keeps going on and keep the things under wraps.
But When Jared Kline the hottest boy ask her out she finds herself in dilemma assuming it’s the biggest chaos to deal with until the real chaos wrecks her.
Now she’s terribly shattered and agonizing.

At first the plot seems fun and normal but when it ends you sit and do nothing but bawling your eyes out..
It will utterly break your heart..

It’s one of my favourite book

My ratings – 4.7/5 🌟

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