Review : Lights!Scalpel!Romance! By Jas Kohli

Title : Lights ! Scalpel ! Romance !
Author : Jas Kohli
Genre : Fiction/Romance
Publication : Rupa Publication

” Nirog “ is the most renown and reputed hospital runs under Dr Ujjwal (a brilliant surgeon -cum -Alfa male ) and Dr Anuroop (a smooth operator ).

When Nipun joins the MS Surgery course at Nirog he knows it won’t be a piece of cake.
Nipun found himself flattered when he notices Nishtha a headstrong beauty who has also joined the course and try to impress with his goofy charm .
But Nishtha is more concerned and focused on her course. Lots of incidents happen around them which helps both to learn better and gain experience.
Nipun still tries to manage everything and find his love but fails continuously which create risks of tainting his reputation.

Will Nipun able to complete his course and also find somebody to love ?

The book is intriguing, nicely written and full of sarcasm.
It explains well all the expereinces, emotions and problems doctors go through and people’s assumptios toward them .
Every page is quite fun to read that’s why this book won’t bore you even if the topic seems gloomy at first but it’s really entertaining.

One thing I didn’t like is the Ending it seems less detailed even if it could be better or a bit extended . Beside that it’s really good to read and buying it won’t be regretting

My ratings- 4.4 🌟/5

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