Review : Octopus 🐙Curse💔 by Salma Farook

Title : The Octopus Curse
Author : Salma Farook
Genre : Poem book

The book OR I should say the ‘pretty treasure’ is called “The Octopus Curse” by @salma.farook . The author contacted me a while ago for the review. I asked her to send the book ASAP. I got the book and I was flabbergasted AF. The book , It is so so pretty. Each and every page was like an artist has put their soul on it. I seriously love the physical book, apart from the content, It’s the best book I have with me.⁣

Now coming to content, The author Salma Farook believes that words are the greatest healer. If you will read this book, you’ll understand why she believes that. The book is divided into 6 sections and each section begins with a fact about an octopus, A beautiful fact I’d say. ⁣

The Octopus is a lot similar to a homo sapian female. A grown up woman. You might be thinking what nonsense. An octopus and a human being are way apart. But but but, You’ll believe me and even love the comparisons once you read the book. Words truly are the most powerful magic. ⁣
The six sections contain various poems. They are about love, and some serious ones. I liked a lot of the poems. They were all great but weren’t amazing. OR maybe I expected too much beauty because of the book’s design. ⁣

My Ratings : 8/10. ⁣This is a book one will always want to have in their shelf.⁣ Always.⁣

I’m gonna buy more copies of it and it’ll be the best gift my friends will ever get. ⁣The book is released today. It’s available on Amazon. And For our followers we got something. If you use the coupon code ‘G4YR9LOS‘ you’ll get Flat 40 percent off on the book price. Go get your copies quick.


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