💭💭Review💭💭 : A Safari In A Equity World by Ritesh Dhoot

Title : A Safari in the Equity World
Author : Ritesh Dhoot
Genre : Economics/ Non fiction
Publication: Rupa Publications

Stock Market is such a hot topic and you are definitely living under a rock if you don’t know about it . With time Investment in the Stock market has not only gain popularity but also became a trend even among non “business people”.
But the question is ??
How should you invest and milk out more profit ??? as many are noobs and can suffer heavy loss if aren’t guided properly.

A Safari in Equity World is perfect book carries all the calculated pros – cons , tactics , schemes and most importantly examples about Stock Market .

The language of this book is easy and author has give many relatable examples , stories of animal behaviour and Kingdom and quotes regarding stock market which are pretty interesting to read .

It’s quite informative book and amazing for commerce student as they are much familiar with the key words. If you aren’t a commerce student then it is still interesting to read as he has written it in aeasy understandable way from which we can connect.

I recommend this book to all, it’s quite good one and It can enchance your knowledge on Stock Market and Economy ..

My ratings – 4/5 🌟

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