💭💭Review💭💭 : Metamorphosis 🦗 by Franz Kafka

Title : Metamorphosis
Author : Franz Kafka
Genre : NonFiction
When Gregor Samsa a travelling salesman wakes up one morning he finds himself shook . As he was transformed into a horrible vermin and unable to move.
He tries to keep it a secret but as soon as his family find it they can’t stand his horrific sight and alienate him . Soon Gregor who always loved his family and little sister turns out to be a social pariah and hideous burden to them.
Despite of his despite of his love and care he encounters their new behaviour and actions which hurts him.
This book is an epic classic and the message is beautiful and realistic.
It explains how we trust people and always have some particular views which makes us believe and love them. But as soon as situations stop favoring they turn their backs on us leaving our hopes shattered on the ground. How even the person we love and care the most can change with time and show us their cruel faces ..
I didn’t get the ending much but despite that it’s a powerful book and recommended .
It’s quite short just 100 pages ..
My ratings 4.4 /5 🌟

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