💭Review 💭 : Khantastic by Sanjukta Nandy

Title : Khantastic
Author : Sanjukta Nandy
Genre : Non Fiction
Publications : Rupa Publications

” Khantastic” as the name refers it’s a book all about the Bollywood’s famous Khan trio .

This book contains all the life experiences , behaviors, memories, rises falls and struggles of all the ” Three Khan’s ”
Shahrukh , Aamir and Salman..

How Aamir Khan (Mr Perfectionist) decided to step into film industry even his family was completely against it .
How Salman Khan (Dabang Khan )got his big break from Campa Cola modelling ad.
How One Injury completely changed Shahrukh’s (King of Romance ) fate and diverted his ways towards acting.
It talked about all their first movie breaks , personal love stories , scandals, infulences and how This Trio was always interconnected to each other even if they were always apart .

The author has nit picked many untold stories and details from their childhood to all the milestones they hit and still hitting .

Well personally I was always a huge fan of SRK. Bazigar , Darr and DDLJ are still my most favorite movies . Same with Aamir i never miss watching his Raja Hindustani , Qyamat se Qyamat Tak and Jo jeeta Vhi Sikandarr..
I also like Tere Nam and Dabangg of Salman Khan . His movies are family friendly and fun to watch.

This book is nicely written ,story telling is good and biggest thing it doesn’t bore you.
If you are fangirling / fanboying over any of these Khans or enjoy watching Bollywood movies which I’m sure you do.
As Bollywood has always been part of our life so does This golden Trio..
So Get yourself a copy

It’s fun to read and quite reasearched book .
My ratings 4.2 /5 🌟

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