💭Review 💭 : 🐍 Snakes🐍 in the Meadows🌾 By Ayaz Kohli

Title : Snakes in the Meadows
Author : Ayaz Kohli
Genre : Fiction

Hello Fellow Readers. ⁣
How’ve Y’all been?⁣
This is regarding the review of ‘Snakes In The Meadows by Ayaz Kohli (@ayazkohli) ‘

I want to talk more about the book. This was my first ever experience of reading such type of book. The kind in which truth is labelled as FICTION to make it reach out to more people. People tend to be more Attracted to the word FICTION rahther than DOCUMENTARY.⁣

This book tells us about the atrocities occurring in Kashmir on daily basis. I was very prejudiced about the book when I read the blurb. I thought that It will be the usual story which will try to justify the stone-pelters and call out evil things about the indian army which tries to maintain the order there. ⁣⁣

Now that kashmir is a union territory, things are improving there. But, this book being set in time 1900-2000. Those times weren’t good times. The lives of local kashmiris were always jeopardized at those times. The mujahideen would visit their houses and beat them, abuse their women and children, and sometimes even kill the locals. ⁣.⁣

Some of the moments in this book are very terrible that you’ll stop reading it and think about the world we’ve made. The life we’re heading in. After all the education and establishment of so many sophisticated civilizations, we are still powerless in many aspects. We many be able to get rid of poverty in the future but, but,⁣
MISERY. Will we able to get rid of it? EVER? ⁣

Now about the book. The book was a must read for adults but no children. The book started very slowly. The first six chapters were very very slow. But later, it becomes the book you can’t close. Also, in the end it gives you an ending which is not a sad one. In the end all things started fixing very fast. And it all happened very sooner than expected. ⁣

Thankyou, HBB (@half_baked_beans ) for sending me the book. ⁣
I give it 8/10 🌟. ⁣

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