💭Review 💭: Before I fall 👀 by Lauren Oliver

Title : Before I fall
Author : Lauren Oliver
Genre : Fiction

Samantha Kingston is living her best highschool life with amazing clique and perfect boyfriend. She got all looks and popularity and 12 Feb is supposed to the best day asusual as she’s invited to a party . But when she and her clique was going back home they met an accident and it turns out to be her last day.

But Sam still wakes up the next day and live the same day 7times again with different situations and circumstances.
With every passing day she unravels lots of secrets including her own death and accepts some bitter truths which shook her to the core. Her views over life and people especially about herself changes .
Later Sam tries to fix things and do what’s best but
Will she able to fix it this time finally ??
Or end up losing it again ??

This book is amazingly written focused on teenagers carrying topics like bullying , friendship , relationship and value of life..
It makes you live the story, emotions and prospective of her and every character .
It has heartbreaking and powerful plot.

It’s one of my most favorite YA book and made me cry for weeks ..

My ratings – 4.7/5 🌟

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