💭Review💭 : If There’s No Tomorrow 🥀 by Jennifer L Armentrout

Title : If There’s No Tomorrow
Author: Jennifer L Armentrout @jennifer_l_armentrout
Genre : Fiction

Lena Wise is quite optimistic and planning for her future after her last year of high school . She has amazing friends and all set to make awesome memories before kicking off college .

She likes Sebastian her childhood best friend alot but hasn’t muster up the courage to admit it to him .
Her life is going on a right track until one day something really horrible happens which snatches her dreams and hopes .
Now she’s isn’t looking for tomorrow and stuck in a never ending loop of self hate and repent and beleive Sebastian never gonna forgive her for everything that happened .

Will Lena able to forgive herself for the mistake?? or end up living in remorse only !?

The plot is really emotional and carries a huge crucial message for youth and teenagers that how our one reckless act  or mistake can ruin our lives and left us with painful guilt only …

I really love this book , Writing is catchy and characters and events are extremely  relatable ..

My ratings 4.5/6 🌟

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