💭Review💭 : Carry On ⚔️🔮 by Rainbow🌈 Rowell

Title : Carry-on
Author : Rainbow Rowell
Genre: Fiction

Simon is the most powerful magician in the Watford and the chosen one.
It is his final year and beside Humdrum there is also somebody who can’t pass any chance to take down Simon .
Baz his vampire nemesis.
Simon and Baz both are always at each others throat even if they are roomates since they joined Watford.
The insidious Humdrum is a threat to Watford and only Simon can save the magic world . Something happens which teams up both Simon and Baz together with as they try to find him they unravel many secrets which make them shook and discover new unsaid meaning of their relationship.

Carry On is full of thriller , suspense, friendship and magic . The plot is interesting and make you emerged into the magical world of Watford . You will end up admiring everything especially the chemistry between Simon and Baz.

I love this book and ship Simon and Baz forever ..

My ratings 4.6/5 🌟

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