5 Best ROMANTIC🌹 MOVIES📽️🍿to watch this Valentine’s Day 💌💘

Hey everyone Happy Valentine’s Day❤️❤️💕

Valentine❤️💌 is all about roses🌹 ,Teddys🧸 ,chocolate 🍫, dates and cuddling with your bae but any Valentine’s day can’t be completed without watching some sweet romantic movies 🍿🎟️🎦

Here are my five most favorite Romantic 🌹💌movies of all time
To binge watch on this Valentines Day💌 weekends..

Pride and Prejudice 🌹

Based on the novel of same name Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen

Story revolves around Mr Bennet of Longbourn having five daughters, but his property is entailed and can only be passed to a male heir. Thus it is imperative that at least one of the girls marry well to support the others, which is a motivation that drives the plot.
I think it’s the most beautiful book talking about true love and how love shouldn’t be measured with money or social prestige..
We all love chemistry between Mr Darcy and Elizabeth don’t we??

Me Before You❤️ :

It’s based on the novel of same name written by – JoJo Moyces

Louisa Clark works in a local cafe and trying to hard to earn penny for his middle working class family . Things get worse when she realised she lost her job as owner is moving somewhere else. Louisa soon learns about a job of caretaker and accepts it where she meets William A paralysed young man whom she’s supposed to take care of..

I think it’s the most emotional and heartbreaking movie I have ever watched , it’s about kindness, true love, life and living your dreams.
I’m sure ending will bring tears in your eyes.

The Fault in Our Stars 🌠

Based on the book under same name by John Green

Hazel Grace 16 is battling with Thryroid cancer and realises nothing excites anymore except her favourite book An Imperial Affliction. When her mom joined her a cancer support group she didn’t like it until she meet Agustus Waters the guy who lost his leg coz of cancer where they exchange their favorite books..

Tfios is my most favorite book/movie I love Augustus Waters and the ending is so overwhelming yet carries so beautiful message.

A Walk To remember 💌

(Based on novel written under same name by Nicholas Spark )

Landen never really thought of dating Jamie a sweet innocent girl who is much focused on taking care of his father , saving animal and carry a huge heart.
But twist is fate brings them together when He realises he has no dance partner .
This is a beautiful book about love ,loss and how a person can change you so much. It gives you those warm fuzzy adorable feelings.
A must watch

If I stay 💔

Based on book under same name by Gayle Forman..

When Mia wakes up she didn’t remember anything about the accident as she saw her own dead body lying on spot.
Little by little she struggles to put together the pieces to figure out what she has lost and every different choice she must make.
It’s a heart wrenching story about love, lifeandfamily .It’s a beautiful movie a must watch ..


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