šŸ’­Review šŸ’­: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FinešŸ”„ by Gail Honemen

Title : Eleanor Oliphant is completely fineĀ 
Author : Gail Honeyman
Genre : FictionĀ 

Eleanor Oliphant is living a simple organised life where she wears same clothes to work , eats same meal for lunch everyday and buys same two vodka bottlesĀ every weekend. She’s fineĀ and nothing is missing from herĀ timetabled life or maybe alot ..

Eleanor’s life takes turns when she fall for somebody but then it hit rock bottom changing everything .
It’s not a love story but it’s a story aboutĀ 
Life , Self worth,Ā  kindness and finding happiness.
It explains well that how clinging to toxic memories can affect us for a lifetime making us pathetic and unworthy of any of type of happiness … HowĀ ourĀ pastĀ holdsĀ aĀ leashĀ onĀ usĀ ifĀ weĀ allow it and keeping tormenting us . How we need to let go to be aĀ better person and how little acts of kindness can enchance anyone’s life..

Eleanor’s character is pretty inspiring and relatable. She is a survivor, a fighter and we all are fighters too but just need to recognise our value and move on…

It’s a must read A beautifully writtenĀ inspiring book ..

My ratings -4.7/ 5 šŸŒŸ

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