💭Review 💭 : “Jennifer” 🗽  By – Nandita Puri

Title : Jennifer
Author : Nandita Puri
Genre : Fiction

When Jennifer land on Mumbai (India )after being deported from America she didn’t know where to go even once she belonged here. She’s hopeful that sooner or later she will be back to US but as time passes she learns it’s not easy and twisted ..

She  explores her real family here and the reasons why they put her into adoption and send to some unknown country.
As she unravels all the answers she becomes more aware of the past she never really did want to confront…
Now all she knows is she needs to go back to US as she has left behind her future there..

Will Jennifer able to go back
 or Suffer more pain ??

This plot is extremely emotional,  intriguing and well written .. It deals with the reality of NGOS or Adoption centres which are nothing  what they claim to be and indulged into Human trafficking for prostitution, cult activities and other insane activities like  blood sarcifices.

Story of Jennifer is eye opening showing her pain and struggles clearing all doubts about these organizations and how they foister children to suffer abuse, drug addiction and generational poverty instead of building them a bright future.

I felt quite overwhelmed after reading it..

My ratings – 5/5 🌟

This book is an eye opener and must recommended for all..READ IT IF U WANT A CLOSURE OF REALITY AND AWARE OTHERS TOO BY SHARING IT… 

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