💭Review💭: Dhruv 💫🌠(Lovestory of An Alchemist) by Karan Verma

Title : Dhruv
Author : Karan Verma
Genre : Fiction

Dhruv a young boy of Banaras is someone who is meant to be the brightest of all (just like his name) and destined for greatness.
He has a deep passion for his dreams and story telling and when he meets Emma his life takes a turn..

Dhruv goes through many ups and downs and faces many dramatic changes which makes him question his motives and expectations from life ..

Will Dhruv able to fulfill his passion or Dharma???
Will Dhruv and Emma’ lovestory be forever or turn a tragedy???

The plot is good , quite intriguing and emotional. It goes on like a movie and keeps the suspense but as it reaches close to the end you might feel like ” yeah I was kinda expecting that.”

It tells you the true meaning of Life and Alchemy and change your views towards the true meaning behind ” being an alchemist “.
It has a spiritual touch which makes it beautiful to read..

Overall it’s a very good read and inspiring . I definitely recommend it ..

My ratings : 4.2 🌟/ 5

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