💭Review 💭: Done with Love 💕 by Shuchi Singh

Title : Done with Love
Author : Shuchi Singh
Genre : Fiction

Kairavai *Kay* Krishna a ditzy and dramatic journalist is madly in love with Dr Vivian de Mello and ready to make their relationship into another level . But it’s not easy especially when Vivian’s cruel sister and his hot Ex comes into the scene and definitely ain’t in mood of leaving these two love birds alone..

Kay expereinces lots of things and their relationship go through many ups and downs which make her question everything.

Will Kay able to fix everything?
Or Let all these things tear her apart?

Plot is nice but it gets quite typical and cliche in the middle but ending is interesting..
You might start guessing lots of upcoming scenarios as you keep going on with the plot ..
Its the fusion of Rom com movies and Ya books of Authors like Sophie Kinsella.

I don’t like Rom Com much but overall it’s a fun short book and if you are fan of watching Rom Coms or Bollywood movies you will definitely won’t regret buying it. I assure that.

My ratings 3.8🌟/5

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