💭Review 💭: Wayward Son ⚔️🧛‍♂️🗽by Rainbow Rowell

Title : Wayward Son 
Author : Rainbow Rowell 
Genre  : Fiction

Simon Snow did everything right beat the villain , save the Wayward and fell in love .
But Story doesn’t end right here .. 
Now Simon can’t get off the couch and needs a change of scenery.. So they all decide to travel America to cheer up Simon .
Penny ,Baz and Simon are assured that It’s all gonna be a fun cool  journey .
Here they go wrong and fine find themselves in exploring and encountering  the most unexpected troubles and scenarios.

What secrets America is hiding which they weren’t supposed to deal with especially when they moved to enjoy ???
It’s must to know ..

The plot is intriguing ,well written but less detailed comparison to Carry on (part one).
We explore more the chemistry between Simon and Baz and Penny .
It’s a fun read and a good sequeal but lacks the suspense which makes  you glued on every page and amaze you like the part one.
 A must read for the fan of Simon and Baz and Rainbow Rowell 

My ratings 4.4/5  🌟

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