💭Review 💭 : All The Bright Places 🐤➕🌺by Jennifer Niven

Title –  All the Bright places 
AuthorJennifer Niven

Vioelt Markey  is depressed and dont have great thoughts of becoming happy again ..
Even once  being popular and friends with cool kids she doesn’t wanna hang out more after one tragic incident which changed her life .

Theodore Finch is a social pariah with a broken family but spends most of his time on music writing and thinking about depression.

When they both come together for school assignment he knows he likes her but also gonna change her views over life even he himself having a war on his mind and struggling of not taking his own life.

This book is really inspiring and explains well all the thoughts, emotions and loneliness 
Depressed people go through.
What depression is ??and how it torments us.
How once suicide can effect many lives and everyone deserve help and love.

Depression is a cruel feeling which makes us feel unworthy of any kind of love or reward.
People should be attentive and kind towards others as you never know what take going through and how your few words save them from this never ending loop of suicidal thoughts…

It’s highly recommended book and emotional book and definitely make you cry .

My ratings – 4.7/5 🌟

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