💭Review💭 : Call It What You Want 💕 by Brigid Kemmerer

Title : Call It What You want
Author : Brigid Kemmerer
Genre : YA fiction

Maegan was a perfect girl until she messsed up one-day. Now her sister is pregnant and she is in dilemma trying to handle it.
Rob was a rich brat until one-day his father was found embezzling fund making everything changed. Now he is a social priah and lost everything.
When Maegan and and Rob pair together at school they decide to keep things formal but things aren’t that easy when his trials of fixing his father’s damage could ruin their friendship.

The blurb seems so interesting but as you read its extremely boring and far-fetched. Half of the time the characters seem extremely cliche and dumb, I know many young adults characters are cliche but these are just on another level.

The ending seems pretty obvious and doesn’t surprise at all. I am pretty disappointed with this book as the plot seems like a scrapbook version where plots are taken from various novels and put it into one.
Things are just happening without any much sense in this book.

The only thing I love about this book is the cover it looks good on my shelf .
If you are a fan of reading every type of YA you might like it.

My ratings – 2.5 🌟/5

13 thoughts on “💭Review💭 : Call It What You Want 💕 by Brigid Kemmerer

    1. I mostly avoid being harsh while giving any review 😔 but I don’t know why I didn’t like this one. When I first started reading it I was enjoying until it became so boring . I think the plot has a good potential but story kinda ruined it . So I felt kinda dissapointed !! 😔 Thank u dear 😊I have A CURSE SO DARK AND LONELY of Brigid Kemmerer I hope it will be great read ♥️ as I heard alot good about it..

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      1. Some books just anger us so much lol. I guess it’s okay. *whispers* I love reading negative reviews and reviewers being harsh on books lol. I hope you love that one 💖 I have it on my TBR too but I haven’t been able to check it out yet. I’d love to know your thoughts about it when you read it. 😝

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      2. Yess so true some books are really kinda annoying 🥺😆 and it’s so hard not to give any negative review on them . I also enjoy reading negativity reviews they are kinda candid if they are written logically . I also hope so ♥️ yesss sure I’m also excited to read it 😌 I hope I would enjoy it and have a good experience with it 🤭. Same I wish for u ♥️


      3. Lol, they are 😂 yeah, it is. I usually ignore writing negative reviews but some books deserve them (and as I already mentioned, I enjoy reading those a lot, don’t know what it says about me lol 😂

        Thank you so, so much! 💖💖

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