💭 Review💭 : Leah On The Offbeat🥁 By Becky Albertalli

Title : Leah On The Offbeat
Author: Becky Albetalli
Genre : YA / Fiction

Leah Burke is a quirky girl and unbeatable when it comes to drumming . But there are two things which make her antsy and insecured.
First her weight and second her sexuality.
Unlike her best friend Simon she hasn’t come out yet openly that she’s bisexual . Beside her mom nobody knows it.

It’s her final year and she’s ready to head over to college knowing deeply that she’s leaving her friends behind so she decides to create best memories. But nothing tunes well with the plan when her rocksolid group seems to tatter strangely and hit rock bottom leaving her hopeless .
There are also somebody she admires but can’t take the risk to make things more worse by confessing it.

This is crucial that we open up about our choices and sexuality instead of suppressing them. Most time we don’t utter a word assuming it could ruin things but it only stresses more .
Nothing is wrong to admit your feelings .

Leah On The Off beat is really fun book full of friendship and events which remind us of our school days memories ..

My ratings 4.2 🌟 /5

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