The Beauty That Remains 🌸 by Ashley Woodfolk

Title : The Beauty That Remains
Author : Ashley Woodfolk
Genre : YA /Fiction

Autumn always knows who is she a talented artist and loyal friend.Logan love writing songs taking inspiration from his not so perfect love life. Shay has a special bond with her twin sister and both share an immense love for music.

When tragedy strikes each of them everything starts falling apart even their love for music.

Now Autumn is shattered and send message to someone who won’t ever answer her.
Logan can’t stop blaming himself for his ex’s death . Shay can’t keep it together as she feels probably incomplete now.

The Beauty That Remains is pretty fascinating dealing with the perspectives of every teenager. There trauma and desire of fixing things.
Plot is emotional and gripping filling you up with gut wrenching pain and warm positivity and hope . It’s one of the most amazing Ya book I read . It must be on your shelf.
I really enjoyed it.

My ratings – 4.5 🌟 /5

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