50 Super Desi Drinks 🍸🍹☕ by Lovneet Batra

Title: 50 Super Desi Drinks
Author : Lovneet Batra
Genre : Non Fiction
Publication : Rupa publication

50 Super Desi Drinks of Lovneet Batra contains 50 recipes of Juices to kahwa from traditional Indian kitchen.
Its pretty amazing to read that our traditional recipes can play such a huge role in the maintenance of good health.

As we are pretty much brainwashed by the mainstream media which focuses only on the quick way to have a slim body (but definitely not healthy ) by using certain types of teas/juices and diets.

This book breaks the myths by focusing on the root cause of the problem can help alot. We can have Healthy body without actually changing the numbers. Its a well researched and simply narrated book which makes it so easy to read.

It’s a must read for everyone as we all deserves a better and least expensive fruitful healthy lifestyle.
It’s also a perfect gift for anyone.

My rating is 4.5 ⭐ / 5

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