The Night 🌌of Fear🦇 by Abha Sharma

Title : The Night of Fear
Author : Abha Sharma
Genre: Fiction
Publication: Rupa publication

Mahaguru” has declared the temple a blessing on earth but whoever will enter it at night will be doomed by the deity.
Pritha doesn’t question much others faith including her mother’s in temple rituals until one night she encounters something.
She’s in dilemma now if she exposes the truth she will be called Sinner and if not she can’t face herself .

Will she able to survive with this truth or let the monsters engulf her!?

The starting is full of thrill and suspense and goes on till the middle. Narration is good but I think certain things seem so farfetched or forced.
As we reach the end the suspense is completely lost and it turns filmy which is kinda disappointing.
It also leaves certain questions unanswered.

Overall it’s a nice attempt but so many point seems to exist just for the sake of existing which hinders to convey any message out of the plot.

If you enjoy reading a fast-paced thriller you can pick it upm

My ratings
2.5 ⭐ / 5

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