The Bhagvad Gita 🕉️🌼 for Millennials by Bibek Debroy

Title: The Bhagavad Gita for Millennials Author : Bibek Debroy Genre : Non fictionPublication: Rupa Publications Hinduism don’t have a single scripture but so many which explains different aspects about life. This book consists a total of 10 chapters from Mahabharata to the description of Krishna and all his morals to live a better life. […]


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Matinee Men 🎥by Roshmila Bhattacharya

Title: Matinee Men Author: Roshmila BhattacharyaGenre : Non-fiction Publication: Rupa Publications It contains unseen and unheard stories and incidence of all the famous B-town celebrities in an intrguing manner.It consist interviews of total 13 celebrities from evergreen actors like Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar to the Mega stars like the Khan trio (Aamir , Shahrukh […]

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Right Under Your Nose by R.Giridharan

Title : Right Under Your Nose Author : R. Giridharan Genre : Fiction/Thriller When Vijay an ace detective gets a bizarre case he couldn’t find himself more baffled. A scientist is killed during mysterious circumstances and nobody saw the murderer. The whole team of scientists come under attack after that. Vijay cant trust anyone with […]

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The Bell Jar 🥀 by Sylvia Plath

Title : The Bell Jar Author : Sylvia Plath Genre : Fiction /Autobiography Ester is working as a guest editor and has dreams of becoming a famous author. During her college years she experiences wave of emotions while learning about her own behaviour. When she comes back home she did a fail attempt of suicide and […]

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