💭Review💭 : Fangirl 👓 of Rainbow Rowell

Are you a fangirl / fanboy too??

Title : Fangirl

Author : Rainbow Rowell

Genre : Young adult / Fiction

Hey everyone…💕💕💕
So finally I’m posting the review of fangirl…. 👓

It’s an awesome story which revolves around Cath an 18 yr old nerd girl.

She’s an introvert and don’t like the idea of getting separated from her twin sister Wren but she has others plans ..

Cath mostly spends her time in the world of CARRY ON and writes fan fictions about Simon and Baz ..

When her college starts she prefers to lock herself in the room rather than socialising with her bold Roommate Regan and her annoying so called bf Levi…

But then lots of things happen which changes her views on the “denial of change ” and she finally find herself In love with someone 💖 …

My views * Conclusion *

This book is really interesting I’m sure most people will able to relate with this book and charters.
When I was reading it I completed related myself with Cath …
The way Rainbow Rowell has written the chapters it’s very much intriguing and inspiring…

I will recommend this book to everyone it’s great one to read 📖 …



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