Review : The Essence of Delhi!!

💭💭 R. E. V. I. E. W 💭💭

Author : Various
Publication : @alephbookco

This is very short book containing various stories and essays about the cityDELHI!!

Stories are written by various renown authors!! Like Khushwant Singh, Ruskin Bond and Malvika Singh etc..

Most of them described well the beauty, history, people, local heritages, food and people of Delhi..

There are total short 12 stories and here I’m mentioning some of my favourites!!

💜 PERPETUAL CITY by Malvika Singh..

It talks about the history and existence of Delhi and how its value enhanced at the time of Mughal period !!

💜 TWILIGHT IN DELHI by Ahmed Ali describes the local people of Delhi and their local daily activities..

💜 GOD’S OWN STREET FOOD by Pamela Timms

It talks about the mouth watering street foods of Delhi and why it’s so much famous among foodies and food bloggers!! It also talks about ” DAULAT KI CHAAT” and the secret behind it’s delicious taste

💜 CITY OF DJINNS of William Dalrymple

In this story He talks about his own personal experience in Delhi and why he’s so much mesmerized by it’s beauty!! This is must to read!

It’s such a beautiful book and detailings in the stories are appreciable!!
Language is easy and lucid..

I would like to reccomend this book to everyone…
It’s a goodone to read!!
This book perfectly describes the beauty of DELHI!!

My ratings – 4.5 🌟 /5

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